know that you have a story to share. So many things can get in the way: life is busy and you simply don't have time in the day-to-day functions of your job. (Totally understandable!) There are other things that take priority on your to-do list than what your website looks like and how often your social channels are updated. And maybe writing, content creation, or anything related to the online isn't even your thing! (Again, totally understandable!)

But you also know that your organization or ministry... or maybe even YOU... you need an online platform. You need a website that isn't stagnant. You need social channels that are being updated.

You know you need these things to connect with the people your organization, ministry, or you need to connect with.

I can help you share your story!


can take the burden of your web presence off your hands.

For two years I managed the web presence for a small church turned mission co-op. At the beginning I had a lot of anxiety about it; I didn’t think I was updating enough, and I've always known that if you don't update your web presence enough your reach diminishes. Since we had a unique ministry, I realized I had to put my storytelling skills to use to share the story of our ministry. In doing so, I came up with a system that allowed me to regularly update our website and social media accounts and transform them to become an extension of our ministry. We went beyond sharing “this is what we’re doing and when.” Our posts began to add value to those who followed them, and the reach for our posts extended beyond those who liked our page.

I can help you transform your web presence so that you can connect with those who stumble across your pages and provide value for their lives. 

We can even take it a step further. If you'd like help with written content, whether it's writing content from scratch or taking what you've written to refine it, I can help you create any written communication that still sounds like you.

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Crystal is an immensely talented individual. In her time with Genesis, she did wonders with the design and look of our website, newsletters, and social media accounts. Even more so, the content and editing that she provided was top notch. Crystal has an innate ability to share stories and information to people with a wide variety of backgrounds, interests, etc. She is highly organized and at the same time highly creative. Crystal will be a huge asset and blessing to you and your organization - I guarantee it. 




// Dave Larson, Pastor


Crystal Brutlag was a great support to our school. She was able to help get our new website up and running and then proceeded to keep it updated for us as well. Crystal did a great job of putting our printed materials together for special events, handouts, and more. Her proofreading skills were also highly valued! Crystal could take a vague idea and flesh it out to meet our needs. Her ideas and suggestions where en pointe!



//  Sarah Wippich, Principal       Trinity First School